World Diabetes & Wellness Forum 2023: Combating Diabetes Globally through Science and Technology

World Diabetes & Wellness Forum 2023: Combating Diabetes Globally through Science and Technology

The WORLD DIABETES & WELLNESS FORUM (WDWF) is a pioneering platform dedicated to showcasing India’s remarkable advancements in the prevention, care, and cure of Diabetes while disseminating cutting-edge scientific knowledge and leveraging technology for global healthcare. With an ardent commitment to making India a leading force in combatting this looming global epidemic, the forum serves as a communicative, consultative, and commercial hub, fostering discussions on diabetes, its impact on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), wellbeing, and HealthTech innovations.

Diabetes, the second leading cause of death worldwide, poses a significant public health challenge with alarming prevalence rates escalating at an unprecedented pace. Consequently, chronic noncommunicable diseases, such as cardiovascular ailments, have become rampant, with diabetes and hypertension serving as major contributing factors. The urgency of addressing this diabetes epidemic cannot be understated, especially considering its increasing occurrence among younger populations, including obese children before reaching puberty. In this context, India, with the second-highest number of individuals afflicted by diabetes, endeavors to lead the charge against this formidable health crisis.

At the heart of WDWF’s mission lies the desire to drive growth and awareness through impactful social practices and initiatives, sparking a global movement focused on preventive health and wellbeing. The forum’s inaugural edition, WDWF2023®, scheduled for October 13th-14th, 2023, in New Delhi, India, adopts the theme of “One World One Health,” signaling a collaborative effort to tackle diabetes on a global scale.

Beyond a mere event, WDWF2023® serves as a catalyst for a mass upliftment of healthcare by emphasizing wellness, preventive health, and lifestyle corrections. Spearheaded by the organizing committee and esteemed opinion leaders in the healthcare industry, the forum facilitates collaborations with India’s ministry and the G20 team, enabling the creation of impactful content structures and far-reaching connections.

WDWF2023® will function as a formidable platform to disseminate awareness within India and beyond. The forum plans a year-round calendar of events and activities, uniting key healthcare leaders, pharmaceutical industries, stakeholders, and diabetes experts worldwide. This concerted effort aims to share the latest knowledge and best practices in combating diabetes while fostering curative and preventive initiatives.

A crucial aspect of WDWF2023® involves providing a platform for healthcare industry manufacturers to extend their global reach through the export of medical infrastructure, instruments, and devices, fostering financial benefits and collaborations with international organizations. To achieve this, the forum will organize multiple events, product launches, workshops, and continuous medical education programs.

The anticipated participation of young professionals, medical officers, healthcare experts, and leading pharmaceutical manufacturers will create a comprehensive ecosystem, fostering invaluable exchanges of insights and strategies.

WDWF2023® proudly presents a distinguished lineup of over 50 speakers, eight keynote addresses, and 16+ panel discussions, attracting an impressive attendance of 1000+ participants from 20+ countries. With the support of more than 100 partners, the forum envisions a future where India assumes a central role in a united global effort to combat diabetes, champion wellness, and lead the charge for preventive healthcare.

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