Why Plan an Offsite for Your Office?

Offsites are a great and fun way to interact with your peer colleagues in an unofficial yet in an official way. We are engaged each day in multiple projects with our offices situated in PAN India. Working with your colleague residing in another part of the country makes it difficult to meet them personally. Offsites are a perfect example of why one should plan it in order to build mutual trust and team-building among each other.

In line with this spirit, CIMGlobal organized an offsite for its PAN India offices to one of the most beautiful and iconic destination in the Northern Zone of India which is Uttarakhand. It was a 3-day trip to Jim Corbett National Park which is famous for the wide range of flora and fauna which are unique. It is a complete cut from the digital lives which we are living nowadays and relax and indulge in the beauty of nature.

Well, offsite gathering need not bother with an extravagant venue or delicious food to succeed. Fruitful offsite needs astute assistance that underlines the human factor. And when the meeting is done well, it is said to have a brilliant use of time.

The offsite planned by CIMGlobal bearers was an official interaction of all the staff members. The three days offsite was planned in such a way that each employee could participate, know more about their responsibilities and build mutual trust among all. The activities that were planned for the CIMGlobal’s pan India team were very nostalgic as the coworkers by building trust with each other completed the task in the given time frame. The activities were Cable trail, blindfold, Spider web, and Treasure Hunt that ultimately helped the coworkers in trusting each other in no time. The activities taught to co-operate with co-workers, give the best in the given time and to focus on one particular goal.

The teams gave their 100% in completing each task and there was also a special reward planned for the winning teams. The Managing Director of CIMGlobal Ms. Anitha Niranjan presented the rewards. Winning the rewards filled the team with joy and motivation to inculcate the same attitude in the respective workspace too. To take the brand value of the company, one should always take support and ideas from its colleagues working elsewhere. Communication is always fruitful if it is two-way communication. The offsite helped the team to take this as a lesson and work together.

Activities were fun and each activity taught something to each. But apart from team activities, CIMGlobal team went to Jim Corbett National Park. It is one of the oldest national parks in India. Corbett national park, set amidst the foothills of Himalayas, houses a variety of flora and fauna including rare ones such as tigers and is a treat for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

The three days offsite trip was planned actually to bring each employee together and make all of them understand their job responsibilities and their role in the organization. As our managing director Anitha Niranjan conducted a session where all the departments discussed their work and working schedules with different departments.

Overall, the PAN India meeting was successful in knowing each employee more closely. The CIMGlobal team thank the CEO, Prashant Saha and Managing Director, Anitha Niranjan for giving this opportunity to all of us and special thanks to Rajesh Charanda, Head – North Sales and Business Development for organizing the trip in a very professional manner and bringing the employees together.

Link for Offsite Photographs – https://global1997-my.sharepoint.com/personal/rajesh_cimglobal_net/_layouts/15/onedrive.aspx?id=%2Fpersonal%2Frajesh%5Fcimglobal%5Fnet%2FDocuments%2Fcorbett