Why Join a Professional Association?

Thinking of furthering your career? Joining a professional association might be a best option. There are associations for nearly every profession or area of interest possible to think of. In addition to providing information about your chosen field, professional associations can enhance your personal and professional development and provide endless networking opportunities.

Here are some more benefits of joining an association.

Up to date knowledge: Professional organizations offer courses, seminars and conferences to keep their members up to date on the latest industry innovations, research and trends. Staying informed on your industry’s trends will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Career Development: Attending professional conferences enhance your CV. Even listing your membership tells prospective employers that you are active in your career.

Job listings: Associations often have job listings online or in print available only to their members. This is a great way to find targeted job postings for your area of interest.

Better CV: Many organizations have career resources available such as tips on effective CV or motivation letter writing. Listing your association membership on your resume is impressive to current or future employers as it shows that you are dedicated to staying connected in your profession.

Connections: Associations allow you to connect with your peers. You can share ideas, ask for advice, volunteer to be a speaker or become a member of a committee.

Mentoring. You may find a mentor to help you with your professional needs or you may be in a position to become a mentor to someone else.

Networking. Associations provide multiple opportunities and platforms for networking. Be it annual conferences, seminars, workshops or online forums, chat groups or discussion boards.

Code of ethics. As credibility and trustworthiness are essential in any field, associations provide their members with their code of ethics – what is considered best practice and what is accepted in the industry.

Influence: Professional organizations give you a voice. Large organizations can put money and professional resources behind their positions and achieve required changes in your field or even in society.

Making friends. Very often association membership provides best possibilities to make some great friends with the same interests as you.

Joining a professional association might not only help you to improve your career but enrich you personally and provides on-going information about the ever-changing landscape of in your field. Best of all, networking opportunities can help you develop a lifelong support system with people who share the same passion and commitment to your field.