Untold Secrets to Attract Sponsors


Getting sponsorship for conferences has become a lot more difficult with so many options that potential sponsors have, and so many organizers competing for sponsorship. If you plan on hosting an event, one of the first questions that often comes to mind is how you are going to fund it. Unless your company is already well established and has a generous marketing budget, you’re going to have to look elsewhere to get your event financed. The logical solution is to seek out sponsors. Below mentioned are some of the strategies to do so:

  • Make your proposal stand out: Your proposal has to stand out in one way or another. The proposal should be comprising of your company story, what is your mission statement and how does your company live up to it on a daily basis, describe your demographic audience and be specific about the estimated funding amount needed which includes what portion of funding is needed for what area.
  • Put Yourself in Your Sponsors’ Shoes: For a potential sponsor to sponsor your event you should put yourself in the sponsor’s shoes. By pitching the benefits based on your potential sponsors’ expectations and asking the question, “if I were in their shoes why would I want to sponsor the event”, you’re making it more about them than about you – and people always want to know what’s in it for them.
  • Pitch Past Events: If they are considering making an investment in your corporate event, companies will want to clearly understand the demographics of attendees from previous events. Be sure to cover the detail exactly who attended your events in the past and how that audience has the potential to benefit them.
  • Build Relationships: Create win-win situations whenever you can. You’ll be far more successful in your sponsorship drive if it is seen that you truly have your sponsors’ needs at heart as well as your own.
  • Spoil Your Sponsors: After you have gone to all the hard work of securing a sponsor, make sure they are looked after at the event itself. Make them feel important and cared for and give them the attention they deserve.
  • Post Event: Finally, it’s important to ensure that event sponsors are fully engaged in your post-event evaluation. Make sure they understand that their return on investment for sponsoring your event is of paramount importance to you. Remember to send them a thank you card or gift and invite them to your next event.