Time for mighty Elephant !

India’s population numbers are not just statistics – they represent real people with dreams, aspirations, and challenges. I chose to share some population-powered snapshots of India’s internet economy.

Internet Users: As of 2022, India has over 76Cr (759Mn) Internet users, representing a substantial user base.

Mobile Internet Dominance: Around 87% of Internet users in India rely on #smartphones to access the Internet.

Social Media Penetration: In 2022, India had over 460+ million social media users, showcasing a significant presence on popular platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Regional Linguistic Diversity: A large portion of internet users in India prefer content in their native languages, leading to the rise of vernacular content and apps catering to regional languages.

E-Commerce Boom: The e-commerce sector in India has witnessed remarkable growth, with a significant number of users engaging in online shopping. For example, Amazon reported over 450 million registered users in 2022.

Digital Payments: Services like Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay have gained popularity in India, facilitating cashless transactions. Paytm alone reported over 333 million users in 2021.

Internet Connectivity Expansion: The Digital India program aims to connect over 250,000 villages with broadband internet, while BharatNet aims to provide connectivity to 600,000 villages across India.

Online Entertainment: Streaming platforms have gained a significant user base. For instance, Disney+ Hotstar reported over 28 million paid subscribers in India as of 2021.

Online Learning: During the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning witnessed a surge in India. By November 2020, over 320 million users were reportedly using online training and education platforms.

Start-up Ecosystem: India’s start-up ecosystem has thrived, with over 80k+ active start-ups as of 2022, covering various sectors and attracting significant funding.

These numbers reflect the scale, impact, and growth of internet usage in India, highlighting the country’s emergence as a major player in the online space.