The Power of W

In an attempt to foster inclusive leadership and acknowledge women’s contribution across the exhibition industry, IEIA – Indian Exhibition Industry Association has come up with an initiative -Women’s Leadership Forum, which has been designed to focus on topics that are unique to women in the exhibitions and events industry. It is for all women regardless of age, individual situation or current position held within their company. The forum is geared to provide knowledge and strategies for attendees to succeed in their current positions, as well as motivation and inspiration to take their career to the next level.

CIMGlobal Managing Director Anitha Niranjan has joined IEIA initiative as a Board Member with the goal to encourage more women to discover Conference and Exhibition Management as an inspiring and fulfilling career path.

A career in the exhibitions and events industry can be rewarding, challenging and ever-changing. There are opportunities for world travel and working with different people and cultures, which can be very exciting.

While worldwide the M.I.C.E. Industry is dominated by women (recent data suggests that 55% of the M.I.C.E. workforce is female) there is a still lot of catching up to do in India.

The first forum took place in October and delivered the power packed sessions exploring what skills help women ascend to executive leadership roles in the meeting and event industry, and what challenges hold them back from reaching their career goals and objectives.

Just a few takeaways from the discussions in the forum:

  • Women can choose not to work and find their fulfillment in being mothers. While on maternity leave it is important to stay relevant, have a grip on what is happening in the industry while they are away.
  • Women deserve merits not because they are the women, but because they are determined and want to work. Expecting exemptions for being a woman is not right. But if you work, don’t give a choice to ignore you.
  • Opportunities for women in India today are much bigger than 20 years ago when the very strong men dominated the scene. Although salary is still an issue. Women who work as equal is worth what she is contributing to the organization.
  • Very important to communicate and be together as an industry in welcoming women. Spreading the knowledge that the exhibition industry is a good career. Certification and education are needed for attracting talent.
  • Women leadership forums should be integrated and educate men on how they can help overcome the problems faced by women.  Men could be the best advocates for women in changing the existing status quo and supporting each other.

IEAE is an open platform for the exchange of ideas & focused on subjects like encouraging growth led environment for women, nurturing women’s leadership, creating mentorship and recognizing the outstanding achievements of the women professionals in the industry as part of the long-term agenda.

IEAE Secretariat is already gearing up for the 2nd Edition Women’s Leadership Forum. If you would like to attend, make sure to follow information on their website: