The Future Lies in Digital Marketing

Today digital marketing and marketing is becoming synonymous. This industry is at the top right now and will continue to grow. In 2019, associations will be more inclined towards making every moment an opportunity to increase their members’ databases and to earn from other non-due revenues. To sustain in the competitive world associations should look forward to digital marketing as an emerging trend. Here are some key trends to prepare for.

Augmented reality advertising

In 2019, we’ll also start to see Augmented Reality (AR) used to optimize ad creative images. AR will eventually be used to not only understand contextual data, but also images. Further, AR for “intent advertising” will emerge, and associations will be able to recognize what the members are trying to achieve and cater the creative messaging and imagery to the user’s experience.

Finding Your Voice

No question about it, voice search will continue to disrupt every aspect of our lives and work – and associations who continue to align their offers with voice technology will capture the consumer exactly where most of them are.

This means that websites need to be optimized for voice search. Associations need to align their offering across multiple channels and everyone needs to think “voice” in everything they do. This year, members will be able to do more in search with their voice, and marketers should be prepared for voice-activated search advertising.

Video Ads Will Grow

Video content continues to rule – in fact, 80 percent of what we consume online will soon be video content. And our obsession with live video will continue to explode.

This past year, 65 percent of ad impressions on Instagram was the result of video content, and this is expected to grow even further. With this type of growth and consumption of video ads by consumers, video ads should be part of every marketer’s strategy in 2019.

Invest in a Chatbot

There is no doubt that we live in the age of “now.” When people are looking for information, they want it right this second. People typically use chatbots because they want a quick answer or need to resolve a complaint, and the use of chatbots is only continuing to increase. Associations can implement chatbots on numerous facets of their business platform. They are fairly easy to program and you can customize them so that they have a personality. In a sense, the artificial intelligence bot becomes another leg of your association.

It’s also possible to add chatbots to your social media pages. Facebook Messenger bots, for example, can be programmed to answer your Facebook messages, making helping customers with crucial information a breeze.

Actual Intelligence with AI

Artificial Intelligence brings us to a whole new level because machines and computers are now literally thinking for themselves. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the technology is now being harnessed to power some of the most successful businesses initiatives and marketing platforms being used daily by billions.

AI can do everything from automating ad buying – in order to target a more specific audience – to building powerful optimized buyer journeys across decoupled architectures serving the best content at the right place and time. Naturally, this should translate into high conversions and lower members’ retention and acquisition costs. Associations should start thinking how to implement AI to their existing strategies or data networks.