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Meet in(g) DELHI

Did you know, that…?  Delhi is the top MICE destination in India and is ranked 14th in Asia Pacific region by the ICCA – 2018 report? 20% of Delhi’s landmass is covered by forests? The entire public transportation system in Delhi runs on Compact Natural Gas (CNG)? The Delhi Metro is one of the largest … Continue reading Meet in(g) DELHI

Face-to-Face Events Will be More Powerful !

It’s hard not to wonder what a post-COVID-19 world looks like for event agencies, producers, designers, and suppliers—but one overwhelming prediction is that experiential marketing will become highly digital. Who could disagree? As we had advanced live experiences with AR, VR, and streaming, these tech-focused tie-ins that were always viewed as “optional” will soon be … Continue reading Face-to-Face Events Will be More Powerful !