Supercharge Your Association’s Newsletter

Have you ever wondered how newsletters can play an important role in attracting the new and existing audience, as it is the foremost thing which the members are going to see through your mail? But before sending the same, we should restrict ourselves from sending it in the same age-old practices and adopt the new way of sending the newsletters. Newsletters as easy it may seem comes with its own Do’s and Don’ts which one must have in mind and attract more attendees by the unique way of writing a newsletter. Below are some of the tips to supercharge your association’s newsletter:

Keep the design simple

It’s nice to have some pictures and maybe a nice header and footer, but aside from that, don’t go too crazy with design. First, some people have their email image settings turned off, meaning if you send them a heavily designed email, it won’t look as nice on their end. But second, heavy design can be overwhelming, and it can take away from your newsletter copy – which is the most important part of your association’s newsletter.

Pick one primary call-to-action

Part of what makes a newsletter a newsletter is that you’re featuring multiple pieces of content with multiple calls-to-action (CTAs). But that doesn’t mean you should let those CTAs share equal prominence.

Instead, let there be one main CTA that you would like your subscribers to do. The rest of the CTAs should be “in-case-you-have-time” options. Whether it’s simply to click through to see a blog post or just to forward the email to a friend, make it super simple for your subscribers to know what you want them to do.

Make sure images have alt text

Given that visual content is incredibly important to the rest of your marketing activities, it’d make sense that you’d want to include them in your email newsletter.

Right. But email’s a little bit trickier. Most of the time, people won’t have images enabled, so you’ve got to make sure your images have one essential component: alt text. Alt text is the alternative text that appears when images aren’t loaded in an email. This is especially important if your CTAs are images, you want to make sure people are clicking even without the image enabled.

Create subject lines that sizzle

Even if your subscribers sign up for your newsletters, there’s no guarantee that they will open your emails once they get them in their inbox. Many marketers try increasing familiarity with their subscribers by keeping the subject line the same each day, week, or month that they send it.

But let’s face it, those subject lines get old for subscribers and fast. Why? Because there’s no incentive from the subject line to click on that specific email right this instant. A better approach would be to try to have a different, creative, engaging subject line for each newsletter you send.

Design it for mobile

It’s important to keep in mind how important mobile is to get your newsletter in front of your target market. Reading on a smaller screen is different than the desktop, and you need to make the changes to optimize your newsletter for smartphones. Buttons need to be nice and large, so they are easy to click, and the content needs to be short and sweet. People are reading from their smartphones on the go and you need to keep that in mind.

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