Stop marketing your meeting!


Maybe a weird title for an article written by a meeting marketer but at least now you are reading. I would like to get you to think about this: when you are hosting a party, how often do you send an invitation? Do you send out the invitation to total strangers? If you explain to a stranger what your party is all about (there will be cake) do you expect them to simply show up? Probably not.

Marketing is in some peoples mind like magic. You hire a marketer, who takes care of researching and analyzing and bringing your product (registration for your meeting) to market. Old school marketers have created this magic – or actually I am more inclined to say – this illusion. Of course old school methods gain some results. I have opened many eyes with – to me – simple tips and tricks. You can boost attendance for one of your parties.

However I believe we should stop looking at short term effort versus results only. What if we spread the same effort we put into organizing a meeting over a whole year? If we stop aiming to get people to come to our meeting tomorrow and start aiming for people to start believing in us, start liking us?

It will take effort throughout the year to build your community! Stop marketing your meeting and start building and nurturing your community! After all, if you are unsatisfied with the amount of people at your party you should probably make more friends throughout the year.