Sr. Executive / Assistant Manager – CS & IT – Based in Bengaluru

Our CS & IT team is rapidly expanding, and we are now hiring a Sr. Executive / Assistant Manager – CS & IT for Bengaluru location having 1 to 4 years of experience.

What is the role?

The areas of responsibility within this role;

  1. Relationship Management (Coordination with Client, peers, Vendors and Internal departments)
  2. Upselling through IT Tools & IT integration
  3. Retrieving, Compiling & Reporting information for project related activities
  4. Budgeting, Client meetings, writing proposals, drafting contracts, Negotiations
  5. Data capturing and efficient Database Management
  6. Customization and Management of online tools for Registration, Accommodation and Abstract Submission.
  7. Coordination and Management for Projects related website design, graphic design and IT integrations.
  8. Onsite team management.

What will you need to focus on?

  • Being exceptionally organized to maintain work at a good pace with great accuracy.
  • Be updated on the new techniques to simplify and speed up work.
  • Constantly enhance knowledge and communication skills to approach and close maximum registrations possible and train your team on the same.
  • Relationship Building – To demonstrate mastery of the core skills required to form meaningful interpersonal relationships.
  • Personal Leadership and Effectiveness – Takes charge of your own personal development and demonstrate effectiveness in self-management.
  • Being an efficient leader and mentor to the team.

What do you do, day to day?

  • Develop and maintain the database.
  • Team Management.
  • Preparing Strategies and Proposals for IT upselling.
  • Meeting clients.
  • Coordination with CRM team to fulfil their CS & IT needs.
  • Sending periodical project reports to respective CRMs.
  • Handle project related phone and e-mail queries
  • Central Contact Point to CRM Team.
  • Efficiently compiling Registration and online Accommodation MIS.
  • Abstract Management.
  • Responsible for registration-area onsite move-in and set-up.
  • Manage the complete Setup and Distribution of Name Badges

What kind of person are you?

  • Focused and determined.
  • An efficient Team Leader and Mentor.
  • Unfazed by minor defeats and the unwillingness of some clients to engage with you–you will get there in the end!
  • Highly organised with exceptional administration skills.
  • Willing to seize responsibility.
  • You are great with people at all levels.
  • Unfazed by tight deadlines and conflicting priorities and remain calm and collected under pressure.
  • You are a confident and engaging communicator.
  • Flexible – You are willing to grow and change with the organization’s new policies and technology.
  • Have the ability to write clear and concise copy.
  • You have advanced influencing skills.
  • You have an excellent working knowledge of MS Office.
  • Above all, you are passionate about doing extraordinary work.

Success Criteria

  • Aggressive and efficient conversion rate.
  • Focused towards achieving the CS & IT target.
  • Liked, trusted and respected within the company.

If you are interested in this opportunity, send us your CV to