PCMA ICESAP Making Positive Impact in India

Cutting-edge companies recognize digital technology is essential to engage customers seeking unique, personalized experiences. Robots, AR/VR, social and mobile are among many tools available to create captivating event experiences. PCMA ICESAP’s Hot Topic: Enhancing Audience Engagement with Digital Technology”, was addressed during its recently concluded event where CIMGlobal CEO Prasant Saha, spoke at the Panel discussion held in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR and emphasized the need for more on ROE (Return on Emotion) than ROI (Return on Investment).

During the event participants listened and shared ideas what technologies should be used to capture the audience’s attention and differentiate the event. Panelists shared many case studies and explored how leading business events have adopted technology.

PCMA ICESAP Knowledge Exchanges are localized platforms for education and exchange, focusing on regional education to grow the local audience and build brand awareness.

This event proved to be very engaging and was very well received by Delhi’s audience. We are definitely looking forward for the next editions and invite you to join us next time.

More information: www.icesap.org