Message from CEO: Welcoming the New Year

An eventful year has passed and a new one is about to come.

Welcoming this New Year, I wish that all executives and staff be blessed with good health and happiness.

Our company has made great advances both domestically and internationally and acquired many long-term clients. This, in the coming days, will ensure that our business continuity both for internal staff as well as external vendors. I would like to extend my thanks for your utmost efforts regarding our company during 2018.

In spite of the greatest outcome in our history, the business environment in 2019, locally and abroad is expected to be uncertain. Continued EU concerns over Brexit and the protective trade policies of US have reminded the world of the 2008 recession and will have a large impact on all financial markets in 2019. In Asia, China and India will continue its bull run but will also have to deal with inequality and environment.

To successfully move forward in 2019, I believe we need to implement four main ideas of crisis management and innovation to realize our aim of sustainable management.

Firstly, we need to implement a crisis management system directed at all areas both inside and outside CIMGlobal’s control

Secondly, we need to find new growth business opportunities both domestically and internationally. The expected tough economic conditions of 2019 can also be seen as a great chance for growth opportunities. The successful implementation of ‘execution-driven to content-driven is a good example of new business development. Domestically, we need to find long-term institutional contracts to enhance our company.

Thirdly, we have to establish a sustainable management system. I would like to tell you that a company’s best qualities come out of a crisis situation. No matter what the financial conditions are, we need to make establishing a sustainable management system.

Finally, and what I believe is most important is the development of CIMGlobal employees. With difficult financial times predicted, it is important for all members of CIMGlobal to be skilled and experienced in handling all situations that may arise during their day to day work. I have recommended allocating a large section of our budget towards education training for all of our employees helping everyone develop in their chosen field. I hope all management and employee’s take this opportunity to develop their own personal skills with the aim to enhance not only their own ability but that of CIMGlobal as a whole.

Throughout 2018, CIMGlobal has carried out various charity programs through our ‘sharing’ and ‘thoughtful consideration’ program, PEHEL. In 2019, we plan to continue these worthwhile endeavors working hard with local communities to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Also during 2018, CIMGlobal started our “growing together” campaign focusing on regular meetings with business partner firms with the aim of improving joint working relationships. After a successful implementation year, we look forward to continued success and ideas in 2019.

Welcoming this year, the first thing that we must do is to challenge the ever-changing market head-on with the aim of overcoming any obstacles that the future presents. We have the experience to overcome any future difficulties with confidence. I am sure that we have the qualifications and capability to make a history of successful and positive decisions.

In 2019, let’s start working to be the best global company, which looks after the interest of our people, clients, and partners equally.