Message from CEO: Striving for Flawless Execution

Flawless execution involves discipline, focus, sense of urgency, and resonance. 


Execution is not about external force. External force works for short bursts, but it is unsustainable in the long term. The external force can quickly become unproductive. It can lead to internal skirmishes, emotional wear and tear, and burnt-out team members.


Execution requires strict discipline. We often fail to take ideas to fruition, because we lack follow through. We celebrate “big idea” executives more than the executives who quietly, behind the scene make it happen. In such cases, ideas are typically launched with great fanfare, only to be lost in the day-to-day firefighting, never reaching culmination.


Execution requires a vigilant effort to stay focused and to make progress in spite of compelling organizational distractions. Flawless execution is not achieved by accident. It is not driven by sudden bursts of ideas. A team that has not practiced diligently and perfected its strategy will find it difficult to rally at the last minute and beat the opponent’s superior execution. 


The strengths of talent, teamwork, coaching and superior strategies must be harnessed in a systematic and cohesive manner to prepare the team so it can perform at its best level. The team must constantly be reminded that execution is the goal. They might be very talented, but if they cannot coordinate with each other and deliver results, that talent is of little use.