Message from CEO: Meeting Deadlines!!

We all want our teams to meet deadlines because deadlines force us to organize the time, focusing on the most impactful things. Our team should spend their time on getting things done. One person missing a deadline, without realizing it, may be causing a lot of trouble for others, as they may need to work overtime, hustle to make their deadlines, or end up missing them altogether.

Managers, in order to encourage the team to take deadlines more seriously, involve them in the process of setting deadlines and emphasize any potential negative consequences of missed deadlines, continually providing reminders and emphasizing the importance.

The best managers always remember one thing that carries the utmost weight – leaders set the tone. If leaders cut themselves a break when they miss deadlines, people notice. If leaders set unrealistic deadlines, people notice. If leaders absolve themselves from the consequences of missed deadlines, people notice.

So, how do you make sure of meeting the deadlines?