Making sense to New age members

Our world is lot different today. Customers are different and so does their expectations! Everyone in every industry complains that change is so rapid, that sometime its difficult to keep pace with. Yet we’re still using age old management techniques, which does not make sense anymore. Our command and control form of management just not going to work anymore!

EVERY SINGLE younger generation is blamed as the problem as they enter adulthood. Comments such as “kids these days” dating back hundreds of years. So if this happens EVERY SINGLE generation, then why hasn’t it occurred to us? I mean, if every generation was going to drag us down to the depths, wouldn’t we have drowned as a civilization by now?

The younger generation is NEVER the problem. They never have been, and probably never will be. We may be forever be annoyed by them as they come along with their new approach. Stop focusing on the new age members and their impatience, their brick and mortar approach, and how they only know how to text, but not how to write. Start focusing on how the entire economy and society is shifting, yet organizations are staying the same. That’s to me is the real problem. The entrance of the younger generation may be bringing focus to the problem, but they themselves are not the problem.

If anything, these new age members can help us, is change! If your organization does not make sense to them, then you’re certainly lagging behind. The next era in management is being invented today and not just by them alone.

Now is the time to move in this direction. Now is the time to learn from Gen Ys–not blame them as the problem.