In the wake of the mass shooting at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas, it is certain that this event will change the way event industry looked at the security while organising events. This incident will force event planners in the United States and abroad to adopt ways to invest and train their staffs in dealing with such situations !

There is no 100 percent (safety solution), and not every one of those (shootings), tangibly, could be prevented, that’s the reality, but many could. Today, event planners must extend the security beyond, first of all, beyond the day of the event itself, and they must extend the security beyond the checkpoint and the barriers that surround it. Security must include all the surrounding areas.

There are two factors from a security standpoint. One is the weapon that someone would use, the gun, the knife, the bomb; the second is the intent to use the weapon to cause harm. Addressing the intent involves having layers and layers of security measures, from non-security personnel in those hotels to security personnel positioned there, and even law enforcement personnel in the area. You want to be diving into the human intent and evaluating the norm at those hotels against something that might not be normal and acting appropriately.

I certainly hope that the industry colleagues will consider this seriously and apply appropriate measures to prevent such situation.