Learning, Training and Teamwork are Part of Our DNA

From the first moment that CIMGlobal was founded, in 1997, it filled a niche need and started developing association management, meeting management, and corporate activation services for the Indian and soon the global market. The company needed to expand and in 2014 Congrex Holland BV was acquired together with the local management – joining the expanding CIMGlobal network in Europe.  Today CIMGlobal is present in 6 Indian cities and also in the United Arab Emirates.

CIMGlobal is committed to providing clients with the highest quality and most professional management services available in the industry.  They have extended services to various government organizations, educational institutions, trade bodies, associations as well as multinational corporations. The services of CIMGlobal are exceedingly professional and exceptionally planned to ensure that organizational objectives are achieved. Per project, they determine goals, create value and deliver results. Views shared by the CIMGlobal CEO – Prasant Saha during an exclusive interaction with Events Venues & Avenues.

CIMGlobal Pvt. Ltd. was selected as one of the top 50 companies with Great People Managers; how does it feel to be recognised and appreciated in this manner?
Of course, it is a wonderful feeling to be awarded and named among the 50 companies in India. People are the backbone of any organisation and especially if the company is in the service industry and is knowledge driven. Our motto of ‘people come first’ and then our client has proven the fact that you take care of your people and clients will come.

What are the positive implications of receiving such recognition?
Awards are certainly a yardstick of the work that we are doing, but it also a responsibility to ensure that we continue to harness our potential and create a company, where people feel safe and appreciated. After all, they do spend most of their quality time with the company.

Which are the initiatives or aspects that make your management style so effective?
We are a complete hands-on company, and I believe in getting my ‘hands dirty’ when it comes to leading from the front. Learning, training, teamwork is part of our DNA, and we continue to work on our weaknesses while celebrating our successes.

How would you describe your approach towards overseeing such a large team?
My approach is ‘trust and respect’ for our team, which I think is the foundation of any great team. You have to lead by example. We are blessed with great managers, who ensure that I am free to strategise our growth plan while remaining relevant in the marketplace.

How has CIMGlobal evolved and grown over the past two decades?
Over the years CIMGlobal has evolved as ‘knowledge-driven company’ from an ‘operation driven company.’ We want to add value, create relevance and also create a great working environment for our people. Continuous learning is part of our DNA, and we would like to combine our experience and soft power to ensure that we are ready for the next 20 years.

As a professional management services provider, what are the imperatives that need to be addressed depending on different types of clients? Which are the key institutions or brands that form CIMGlobal’s clientele?
Developing a ‘listening mindset’ is most important for us; we need to hear what our clients are saying, and sometimes ‘not saying.’  How do we transform our people from pure ‘operations’ to ‘research’ driven, will be the key indicator for our success. Our internal processes with human values and touch will be more important along with how we present ourselves externally. Clients may be different, so do their needs… but the expectation of clients remains the same. They are looking at a ‘trusted partner’, who will spend time to understand their needs and objectives and are able to design a solution at the competitive price. We work with many national, international organisations, such as the US Department of Commerce, ESA, SCCM, SCAI, Cleveland Clinic, etc.

What are your plans for CIMGlobal going forward?
We want our company to be knowledge-driven and many initiatives are taking place, as I write this.  We will be bringing tangible value to our clients on an ongoing basis. So, keep an eye on this space. We have also undertaken initiatives to be closer to our clients. This year, we opened our office in the US, and plans are on to expand further in Australasia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and China.