The Indian Medical Association does not represent entire medical fraternity though  they represent a  majority of MBBS practitioners. IMA sadly does not wholly represent specialists and superspecialists nor institutions or corporate health Before banning the pharma and industry sponsorship for CME and conferences the IMA should come out of local policy making and have a global outlook.  More than 50 percent of the Global research are in collaboration with industry. When the business houses are imperative for  the economic stablility of the nation. The same applies to health industries also. Sponsorship to individual doctors can be cured in ethics. CONTRARY  TO  SHEDDING  CROCODILE  TEARS  TO THESE  ISSUES WHAT WE  NEED  IS TO ADDRESS THE  FOLLOWING Firstly, we should be ashamed that our country as a nation does not have social security. Health security or Nation wide insurance. So are doctors conniving with private insuarance bodies? Secondly, there is no health economic policy Thirdly, there is no Health accreditation and there are only shock celebrities and media made doctors. Fourthly, there are no skills courses Fifthly, there is no regional or national credible research. So IMA should focus on these issues in collaboration with association surgeons of India/ association of physician of India/ international college of surgeons Indian section etc.

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