International Healthcare Tourism Congress – 2018, Bengaluru-India

Collaborate to Celebrate India’s Healthcare Talent

Ms. Maria Todd in her keynote speech at International healthcare tourism congress in 2017 (IHTC 2017) mentioned that the marketing of Indian healthcare tourism is like cacophony and mostly the dominant message in India is cheaper. The 4 must have ingredients for living brands are collaboration, mood & experience enhancement, technology to allow for intensification of your customer and a holistic understanding of your customer.

We completely agree with Maria and in our opinion, it’s time we recognise and market our world class doctors, our healthcare talent to the world. This is what IHTC 2018 is poised for.

Prof Ravi Ramamurti, the key note speaker emphasized on 3 main goals, Quality, Cost and Access. He said India has large demand for medical tourism and has expert doctors, equipment, hospitals, competitive cost.

Our Hon’ble Health Minister, Shri Ramesh Kumar said, India is a safe destination, language is not a problem as we were ruled by British, we mostly speak English and language will not be a barrier. I would love to tell you apart from the traditional system that is prevalent in the entire world, people who come to India from abroad will be happy to know the Ayurvedic system in this country which has a history of centuries and amazing.

After the successful completion of the International Healthcare Tourism Congress in 2017, IHTC is back with the third Edition of the most comprehensive International Healthcare Conference in the industry which is due to happen on 2nd and 3rd March 2018.

The unique preposition at IHTC 2018 is to:

1. Collaborate between stakeholders before we market to the world, one unified message from all stakeholders.

Today, stakeholders have an exciting opportunity to transform India’s healthcare tourism. Working in collaboration with government, we can position India beyond manufacture of generic drugs to emerge as an innovation hub in lower-cost health products and services. All this can help turn India into an exporter of new models in affordable, high-quality care among emerging economies. The process holds the potential for significant job creation (15 – 20 million additional jobs by 2025), and it will help create a healthy India to power the country’s development and growth.

2. Be wellness oriented

We, who are stakeholders need to reshape the paradigm of care to create a culture of health and wellness (health delivery: access, cost and quality). This will be unique for the world to know. If we can capitalize on this opportunity, we can hope to achieve a massive shift in healthcare tourism within a decade.

3. Destination marketing will pay in long term. Some city marketing learning lessons from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. Time to be poised and prepared with regulatory measures before one bad incident, followed by publicity could just change scenario.

4. Celebrate our healthcare talent

Our doctors and healthcare talent need to be acknowledged more than infrastructure. The experience our doctors have is probably unique to the world

5. Harness Technology

We need to expand the reach of existing services through technology such as telemedicine. This includes prioritizing investments in the appropriate technology tools, to enhance care quality and coordination. We can encourage greater use of technology, both to create scalable, sustainable solutions and to increase awareness and engagement.

With this IHTC is a wonderful opportunity to interact with leaders in medical tourism industry, both for local and global partnerships. A brilliant platform for Hospitals, Medical Tourism Facilitators, Insurance Companies, Medical Technology Manufactures, Wellness, Hospitality Industry, Healthcare investors and Pharma companies to meet & associate.

After 2 editions of the conference, international roadshows IHTC 2018 is back, expecting 300 + attendees from markets abroad, about 60 speakers have been invited who are pioneers in the medical industry.

With the hosted buyer program, hospital visits and thought-provoking sessions and discussions, the congress will reach new heights in medical tourism opening new avenues for the medical tourism facilitators and hospitals. With some of the best doctors in India, the sessions would be informative, knowledgeable attracting endless opportunities in the medical tourism industry, the conference will bridge a gap which is currently lacking in India.

Highlights Being:

  1. Partnership with market places to develop them further
  2. Hospital to hospital agreements
  3. Educating the attendees on our healthcare talent
  4. Strategic Engagement between Governments

IHTC – apart from the above initiative conducted CME and healthcare screening camps in Kenya. Our Road show in Mombasa, Kenya was attended by 120 doctors. A CME/CPD program was organised for Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology & Bariatrics and CME points provided by KMDB.

IHTC is a continuous engagement in delivering our objective step by step within and outside India.