INNOVATION TO DOMINATE – 2nd Indian Cancer Congress 2017

Throughout human history, progress has always started with an insight an identification of a problem. Intense thought and debate follows an insight and out of that firmament emerges a possible innovation a possible solution to the identified problem. But these two processes of insight and innovation are by no means isolated or linear phenomenon. They are extremely dynamic in nature and universal in their presence. The result….. a very large number of innovation and may become available in the scientific firmament.

The next logical question would then arise- How can we integrate these innovations into our daily practice? The field of oncology is rapidly evolving and is air constant flux. What is thought to be true may very soon be turned on its head by new insights and new innovations. It is therefore prudent and necessary that we the oncology community – periodically stop in our fast tracks and take stock of some important insights and innovations and debate how best we can integrate these innovations into our practice. A powerful example of such insight would be our increasing recognition of the importance of psycho-oncology. Using this insight, we would innovate a unique training programme in psycho-oncology and work towards integrating psycho-oncology with main stream cancer care!!! There is a large industrial base, supporting and driving cancer care. There would be insights a plenty and innovations in abundance. ICC 2017 provides a unique platform to present such insight and innovations.

Personalized cancer care is the current buzzword as far as insight go! By 2017, certainly there will be a plethora of innovations in this rapidly expanding field. ICC 2017 could well be a platform for some of these innovations to be integrated into practice! ICC 2017 – it’s all about insights, innovations and integrations!! Come join us in this exciting journey. Write in with your own insights, innovations or ideas on integration!

ICC 2017 is all about you, and your creativity! Let move cancer care to the next level.