INDICON 2019 – Applying Artificial Intelligence in Engineering for Prosperity and Betterment of Humanity

The world’s largest professional association, IEEE is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE India Council is the umbrella organization that coordinates IEEE activities in India. Its primary aim is to assist and coordinate the activities of local “Sections”, in order to benefit mutually, and avoid duplication of effort and resources. IEEE and its members inspire a global community.

This time the organizing committee of the IEEE Gujarat Section brings the INDICON 2019. INDICON is the flagship annual conference of the IEEE India Council in the fields of Computer Science,Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics Communication Engineering, in general. This has been a metamorphic version of Annual Convention and Exhibitions (ACE) which was the annual meeting of the IEEE India Council.

INDICON 2019 is scheduled for 13-15 December 2019 at Marwadi University, Rajkot (Gujarat). It is organized under the theme of “Applying Artificial Intelligence in Engineering for Prosperity and Betterment of Humanity”.

INDICON 2019 is planning to schedule two plenary talks, several track specific invited talks, tutorials, workshops by reputed academicians and practitioners of corresponding domains. Besides these, there will be industry exhibits, dedicated sessions for IEEE Women in Engineering and Young Professionals, Innovation and Entrepreneurs, and many more engaging events.

The highlighted part of the conference will be the tutorials. Where all the tutorials are scheduled on 13 December 2019. The first tutorial will be of unobtrusive sensing for healthcare. It will cover a new branch of sense of evolving where one needs not put a sensor on the subject’s body yet sense bio-signals with reasonable accuracy. Various technologies like human radar, VOC, single point camera is evolving that provides valuable sensing inputs. This tutorial would give a brief overview of the current state of the art for unobtrusive or standoff sensing specifically, for the healthcare domain and the roadmap of these technologies in the near future.

The second tutorial will be ‘Edge Intelligence in The Internet of Things’. The second tutorial will talk about technology and how it is impacting every aspect of human life. Lots of new products and systems are being introduced with innovations in hardware, software, and infrastructure to solve problems via Machine Learning. These connected systems combine concepts of IoT and AI. His tutorial explains how IoT devices with Edge Intelligence are architected and built. It provides a good foundation of the concepts involved in low power connectivity and computation and describes how systems can be built, enabling participants to jump-start the realization of their innovations.

Apart from tutorials, the two workshops will talk about “Deep Learning Applications Design, Development and Deployment in IoT Edge” and “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. And the panel discussion will be on “The Women Leadership: The Paradigm Shift”.

INDICON 2019 expects over 300 research papers under 10-15 parallel sessions of lecture and poster presentations. For this all to happen INDICON 2019 looks forward to enthusiastic contribution and participation.

16th IEEE INDICON 2019 is managed by CIMGlobal.

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