India is ready to host 3rd International STEMFest 2016 at Mysore

The four days’ symposium, keynote addresses by renowned international and national speakers, Education & Technology Exhibition participating leading institutions and R&D organizations, VCs Forum, live workshops, science competitions, demonstration of drones, robots, game developers and App developers summit, Space and Astronomy forum, skills workshop – encompassing these many scintillating and innovative events and activities, 3rd International Festival of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEMFest ) 2016, India is mesmerized be a major science and technology festival in the country. Global Stem States is the international body and International STEM Alliance in association with University of Mysore is hosting its India edition during October 17-20, 2016 on its Mysuru campus. Earlier editions were held at Canada and Malaysia.

Education in India is known worldwide for its ancient history in the field of science and mathematics. From the invention of zero to some striking findings in the early Vedic periods to creating a space for them in the world of Silicon Valley, Indians have always managed to do the rounds in the conventions of geniuses. But sadly the trend declined over the period of decades. STEMFest 2016 is aimed at inspiring the next generation to study and build careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and to develop the tools and techniques that will drive the economy of the future.

Dr. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India & Chairman Scientific Advisory Committee to Cabinet of India has kindly consented to be the Chief Patron, Dr.  A. S. Kiran Kumar, Secretary, Deptt. of Science & Chairman ISRO, G. Satish Reddy, Scientific Advisor to Defense Minister are the Patrons for the event.

Prof. K.S. Rangappa, Vice Chancellor, University of Mysore and Chairman LoC said – “it is a matter of pride for us to won the bid to organize 3rd International STEMFest 2016 in India which would be the first event of its kind event happening in the country. Empowering Nation’s future Human Resource –Aligning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education to meet country’s Innovation and developmental needs is the theme STEMFest 2016 and the objective is to bring together experts from academic institutions, industries, research organizations and professionals for sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience in the emerging trends related to advances in STEM Industry and inspire the young talent  as well as anyone who is interested or works in STEM – have the opportunity to get involved”

 An overwhelming participation is received from all sphere of academics and industry including institutions like ISRO, DRDO, IISc., IITs, IISER, CSIR, DBT, DST, Centre & States Govt. research institutions, universities, colleges and schools. 15000 plus visitors for education & technology exhibition and 1200-1500 delegates for the symposium with more than 200 international participations is expected. 10th Global Conference on Power Control and Optimization is also co-located with the event. The Education & Technology Fair at STEMFEST is an expo of high repute which brings young minds, experienced guides and the best educational institutes face-to-face for optimum interaction and superior guidance. The event brings together the entire spectrum of Science, Education and technology on offer as well as the opportunity to talk to the representatives of different institutes not only across the country but also from abroad. As a build-up activity, we are encouraging, novel and innovative science based projects by senior school students. Selected project works from student, based on STEM theme will be showcased and allowed to present in an exclusive session. This is a not to miss, one of its kind best experience ever!

The Program Committee Chair, Mr. CD Shridhar- a Former Deputy Director, ISRO has put his best efforts to design an excellent program for the symposium. “The STEMFest 2016 is a unique platform for sharing research, design and implementation of technology-rich learning environments, innovative pedagogies, and curricula in STEM education that promotes research interest and successful learning in STEM education. We have designed a 360-degree program and invited one of best keynote speakers in the country which inspires all fraternities- heads, educators, teachers, professionals, scholars, students and parents to attend the event.  The scope of the Symposium is contemporary and original research and education development in the areas of- Space Science & Astronomy, Crop Science and Food Security, Bioscience and Biotechnology, Climate Science and Global Warming, Renewable Energy Science and Technology, Education and innovation and Robotics Science & Systems”- Mr. Shridhar mentions.

Few of the keynote talks at STEMFest 2016 will host Dr. A. S. Kiran Kumar, Secretary, Department of Space, Government of India & Chairman, ISRO, Prof. K. S. Rangappa, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore, Dr. B. N. Suresh, Vikram Sarbhai Distinguished Professor, ISRO, Former Member Space Commission, Former Director VSSC, Former Director IIST, Mr. David Goncalves, Executive Director, Global STEM States Incorporated, Prof. Nader Barsoum, University of Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia, Prof. S. R. Niranjana, Vice Chancellor, University of Gulbarga,  Prof. P. Sreekumar, Director, Indian institute of Astrophysics, Prof. K. Byrappa, Vice Chancellor, Mangalore University, Prof. Surendra Pal, Vice Chancellor, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune, Lt General Arjun Ray, CEO, Indus International School, Praveen B Vudoagiri, Founder of Creya Learning and Dr. K.S. Nayak, Deccan Hospitals, Hyderabad.

The call for papers is also made to invite selected papers from prospective authors from industries, academic institutions, R&D organizations and professional engineers. Group registration is opened to encourage max. participation and ensure that nobody should miss to attend STEMFest.

CIMGlobal, a leading professional conference management company in the country is the official PCO for STEMFest 2016. Ms. Anitha Niranjan, Managing Director, CIMGlobal asserts that all of this effort is to meet a need. According to a report by the website, by 2018, projections estimate the need for 8.65 million workers in STEM-related jobs. The manufacturing sector faces an alarmingly large shortage of employees with the necessary skills nearly 600,000. Therefore, future economics and creating a long lasting impact is the vision which will go a long way in contribution to the innovation, development and building up of a strong human resource for our country.

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