We believe that travel programs should be inspired by the heart and executed with passion to create shared experiences which are thought-provoking and memorable.

Our incentive programs are designed to guarantee attendees have life-long inspirational memories associated with your brand.

How an Incentive travel management contributes?

  • To Increase Sales
  • Improve Employee/customer Loyalty
  • Reward Productivity
  • Motivate Your Team Unlike any Other Motivational Tool

* Group Incentives

Group incentive programs are not just a way to celebrate success in an exotic location, they are a proven investment in your entire team which increase sales, improves employee as well as customer loyalty, rewards productivity, motivates your entire team and cultivates meaningful interaction between senior management and employees or your customers. Incentive programs create an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement leaving lasting impressions far beyond any other motivational tool.

With over 17 years of experience producing incentive programs in over 107 cities in 26 countries around the globe, our global expertise and destination knowledge helps you to create the perfect incentive program which drives performance and inspires, entices and delights your attendees. Our incentive specialists work with you as an integrated part of your corporate team to develop a unique creative program that is truly a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience for your attendees.

*Individual Incentives

An alternative to group incentives is an individual incentive program. Rather than traveling as a group, winners/qualifiers would be able to choose from a selection of destinations and options. We can help you to create an individual program that fits your needs and works within your internal corporate framework. We manage the entire process from A to Z and most importantly manage your attendees and provide them with a phenomenal experience.

*Cruise Experience Incentives:

If it is time to reward your employees or clients for everything they did for your company, there is no better way than taking them on a cruise. CIMGlobal has contracts with all the major cruise companies and we have been sailing with groups ranging from twenty to several hundred people. An incentive cruise offers value by packaging airfare, airport transfers, accommodations, entertainment, and food and beverages.

The unique setting of a cruise ship is perfect for a conference or corporate gatherings because it is so accessible, secure, well suited to business and relaxation with a wide range of on-property facilities, including meeting rooms, private dining rooms, show lounges and casinos. We also offer individual cruise incentive programs for ‘winners’ who want to be more flexible and travel with their spouses or family.

Our services include:

  • Finding the perfect destination across the globe to motivate your employees
  • Hotel, air and transportation sourcing, negotiating and contracting
  • End to end ground handling logistics
  • Plan and manage all receptions, group activities and optional tours
  • Conceptualize and manage gala dinner along with entertainment and décor elements
  • Create and manage food and beverages
  • Complete on site program management
  • Production and management of all program materials