How Can Your Association Keep up with Fast-Paced Growth of Social Media World?

Social media is a more developed tool to perform what associations have been doing for decades – connecting people and giving them the opportunity to network. Most associations are now investing in their social footprint. They start with a social media strategy, then execute it, monitor it, and they feed the results back into the strategy.

The following steps can help your association in the social media world.

Develop a Clear “End Goal”
Define what you are trying to accomplish. Is your end goal to acquire new supporters, donors or advocates? Is your goal to increase online supporters? Is your goal to engage more frequently with your members online? Defined goals will help you evaluate your social media success and pin down the best tactics along the way.

Choose Your Channels Wisely
You don’t need to have an active account on 5 or more social networks. You have to decide how much time your association has to commit to keeping accounts current and active. It is also dependent on where your members are and, overall, what kind of content you will produce.

Develop your message
The posts and messages you convey should have a tone that resonates with your audience and aligns with the identity of your organization. Whether it’s more technical in nature or fun and creative, the information provided, and the style of your posts should be appealing to your members and prospects. This is the key to getting them to engage with your content.

Exercise Your Social Listening Skills
Monitor the conversations of your members in other social media channels, learn about their needs, and seek their feedback on industry events, including your own. Observing your members in other social media threads can help you find ideas for new events, industry speakers, current topics for discussion, and better ways to organise your own social media presence.

Evaluate and learn from your mistakes
You won’t know if your social media strategy is working unless you’re measuring results on an ongoing basis. Test it multiple ways until you start seeing positive results but don’t give up. Social media is about trial and error. So, give something a try – whether it’s a new platform, humor in your message, campaigns for an event or social media ads – then measure, review the results and make adjustments going forward. It takes some time to get an audience and develop good engagement. So, stick with it!

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