Friday Buzz: Keeping Work and Life Balanced

Explore six ways to feel rewarded at work and away from the office. Plus: Craft Beer Week’s high-production commercial is worth a laugh.

There is no doubt that hard work is essential to achieving ambitious goals, but working too much can lead to burnout and may sabotage your aspirations.

While there will always be the occasional project to take home or late night at the office, it is important to find a harmonious balance between your work and your personal life, says success coach Sharon Koenig.

“Constantly striving to pursue a balance in life between work and family is crucial,” writes Koenig. “We need to make time for those who matter in our life and we must make a living, however we do it.”

To help people find balance, Koenig offers a six-step process, including identifying what’s important and changing one’s mindset about daily stresses.

“You can choose to have a happy commute home,” Koenig says. “Has traffic nearly slowed to a standstill? Take advantage of this time and use if effectively.”

While each person will find a balance that works for them, Koenig assures her clients that it’s possible if you are committed.

“Achieving the work life balance that creates flow in your life is obtainable but it is a process,” Koenig says. “Never giving up on the journey of your own fearless pursuits takes commitment and passion for life.”