Organizing an exhibition, whether part of a conference or stand alone, asks for in-depth knowledge of logistics in combination with commercial insight. How do you offer the right value to exhibitors and sponsors? And how can you as an organization make sure both commercial parties and visitors get what they came for?

Make your exhibition a commercial success for you, your visitors and your exhibitors. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can add value for all parties involved.

Our services include: Exhibition Management

  • Design and maintain exhibit hall floor plan
  • Produce the call for exhibitors and exhibitor registration forms
  • Solicit and secure exhibitors through direct mail and telemarketing
  • Process requests for exhibit information
  • Create sales and marketing tools
  • Accept and process all exhibitor applications including invoicing
  • Prepare and distribute exhibitor service manual and contract with decorator
  • Distribute exhibitor confirmations and booth assignments
  • Contract and act as liaison for decorator
  • Arrange for and order exhibit hall materials
  • Interface with exhibitors and exhibit hall venues
  • Provide final exposition report
  • Process orders for tracking/bar coding equipment

On-site Exhibition Management

  • Conduct site inspection of exhibit area
  • Ensure all exhibitors set-up and break-down according to code and conference regulations
  • Act as liaison between exhibitors, vendors, committee and staff
  • Fulfill orders for attendee info tracking equipment
  • Provide bar-coded badges for exhibitor lead tracking