CRM Asst. Manager/Manager – Gurgaon/Bangalore

Asst. Manager/Manager (CRM)

Based in Gurgaon & Bangalore

Apply to :-


  • Maintaining strong contacts with clients and ensure retention of the clients for repeat business.
  • Ensure the CRM provides an effective sales funnel with existing clients.
  • Analysis of the current CRM activities and ensuring it’s fit for purpose and the goals of the organization.
  • Making sure the CRM is customer focused and working to maximize its effectiveness towards client satisfaction.
  • Managing the department efficiently to enable tailored and relevant services to clients.
  • Identifying customers’ needs/requirements in order to create and offer them better services adhering to the guidelines and policies of the company.
  • Continuously connect and  share knowledge  with the team for effective delivery of events and conferences.
  • Necessary checks and balances for respective projects maximizing CIMGlobal profit at the same time preparing value propositions for clients.
  • Effectively handling vendors in order to increase the projected margins.
  • Think out of box and come up with new innovations to cater day to day challenges and to increase the profitability of CIMGLOBAL.
  • Responsible for Vendor Identification, Empanelment, Negotiation and Management to get the best deals and increase profitability of the conference.