CIMGlobal APAC Coaching in the Age of Disruption and Innovation

Coaching as a Tool, to Counter Disruption and Aid Innovation

The leading organization of professional coaches in the Asia Pacific region, Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC) is a unique, diverse, and dynamic community of coaches committed to the highest standards of professional coaching. It helps coaches reach new levels of coaching professionalism and collaborate with one another to learn and to cater to mutual interests according to the change in the professional field. While utilizing the ever-changing technology APAC believes that they can enhance the effectiveness of coaching practices. Where APAC focuses on bringing the power and value of coaching to every workplace and home.

APAC is hosting its next regional conference titled Coaching in the age of Disruption and Innovation, which is the first ever conference in India, at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Mumbai on 22-24 August 2019.

The venue Renaissance Mumbai is considered one of the prime destinations for hosting conferences, seminars and large-scale conventions.

APAC 2019, focuses on a new age of services which is impacted by the radical changes due to the power of AI and disruptive technologies. The Corporate sector, Public sector, and Government bodies are attempting to build social awareness in citizens regarding the need for the behavior change at current times. Achieving this change is the only option for survival and growth. The conference attempts to explore, discuss and arrive at certain ways of managing this change.

Attending this first-ever APAC conference in India will give you new ideas on how to innovate and deal with disruption either proactively or as a response to changes in the environment, as a coach in your own thinking and practice, and as a Coach in your life, work, and organization. Learning from all over the world will be explored and there will be special emphasis on learning from within India and the region. The conference attempts to explore and discuss certain ways of managing the change in coaching practices.

At the conference coaches, business heads, L&D and HR heads from across the globe will get the opportunity to connect, engage and share their knowledge and experiences with other professionals. APAC 2019 is going to give a chance to interact with Indian and international speakers providing their enriching and thought-provoking experiences.

APAC 2019 is managed by CIMGlobal.

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