CIMGlobal Wins Congress of International Society of Blood Purification 2019 for Hyderabad

CIMGlobal, a premier, fully integrated global meetings and associations management company in partnership with Peritoneal Dialysis Society of India, has won the bid to manage 37th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Blood Purification (ISBP). The ISBP congress will take place on 21-24 August 2019 in Hyderabad, India. Organizers anticipate that the congress will attract up to 1000 delegates from various countries.

The ISPB congress will be of an exceptional importance for India, as it will showcase the latest international achievements and the most up-to-date methods used in Blood Purification field.

The ISPB congress delegates will be delighted by Hyderabad’s Nizami splendor. Hyderabad is one of India’s major metropolitan cities and is known as “The City of Pearls”. It has long enjoyed a role in pearl and diamond trading. Today Hyderabad is equally known for its booming IT, biopharmaceutical, and film industries. Hyderabad is also a cultural center, where Indian languages, traditions, and ancient religions mingle and thrive. Museums, parks, monuments, and a diverse array of restaurants offering local and international cuisines, delight, enlighten.

“CIMGlobal team celebrates the winning of the ISPB Congress bid and will put its best efforts and its expertise of more than 20 years to make this event the most memorable experience, said Anitha Niranjan, Managing Director CIMGlobal.