2nd edition of the International Healthcare Tourism Congress 2017 was a grand success!

The 2nd edition of the International Healthcare Tourism Congress 2017 was successfully concluded in Bengaluru on 3rd & 4th March 2017.

It truly was a moment of pride to see of the number of participants who made IHTC a knowledge forum to develop Bengaluru & India as a destination for healthcare tourism and otherwise. This experience started as a humble effort to organize the sector. It was overwhelming to see the government & industry collaborating and joining hands for a good cause with a pledge of taking Healthcare Tourism to greater heights.

Medical tourism is a growing sector in India, with estimated annual growth rate of 30%. As medical treatment costs in the developed world balloon – with the United States leading the way; more and more Westerners are finding the prospect of international travel for medical care to India. The Indian medical tourism industry is expected to reach $6 billion (around Rs. 36,000 crore) by 2018, with the number of people arriving in the country for medical treatment is set to double over the next four years. Currently, the size of the medical tourism industry in India in terms of value is estimated at a little over $3 billion, with tourist arrivals estimated at 230,000.

Advantages of medical treatment in India include reduced costs, the availability of latest medical technologies, and a growing compliance on international quality standards, as well as the fact that foreigners are less likely to face a language barrier in India. The government in India is taking steps to address infrastructure issues that hinder the country’s growth in medical tourism.

We are extremely grateful for the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka, Shri. Ramesh Kumar to inaugurate the conference and support this initiative. We were pleased on the measures already taken by Government of Karnataka ensuring patient care and safety. We are humbled by the assurance to extend support and guidance moving forward.

Dr Shalini Rajneesh Principal Secretary to Government of Karnataka, Health and Family Welfare Dept. & Medical Education has been guiding us and we look forward to work together in showcasing our world class facilities and Doctors to the world.  Shri. Naveen Raj Singh’s presence and assurance to ensure coordination and integrated marketing efforts to showcase Karnataka’s tourism assets which can give a unique experience to travellers who come here seeking medical assistance.

It was overwhelming to see and listen to renowned speakers talk about the capabilities and specialties we have to offer in Bangalore and in India. We had experts from the industry who shared thought provoking trends, practices, facts & figures. It was enlightening to listen to the Keynote delivered by Prof. Ravi Ramamurti on the economic benefits and impact to our local economy. It was the candid keynote address by Dr. Maria Todd was a complete new perspective which cannot be ignored. India Strategy for marketing healthcare tourism is key to develop this sector.

The significant seven factors – Geography, Culture, Image, Infrastructure, Environment, Risk & Reward and Price, will certainly place India on top in this industry and we assure you that the next edition shall be announced shortly.