Case Study: Reaching Over 200 Thousand Through Social Media Campaign

Global Water Security Conference for Agricultural and Natural Resources

Date: 3 – 6 October 2018

Location: Taj Krishna Hotel, Hyderabad, India

Mandate: To strategize and manage the entire social media presence, increase awareness and registration numbers

The Overview:

The conference was planned by The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), in partnership with the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE).

The purpose of this conference is to bring farmers, researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and policymakers together on a common platform to discuss current and future water security problems, share research and discuss creative solutions that can be applicable at various scales in different regions

The conference specifically focused on water security for producing food, fiber, and energy crops as well as maintaining water quality and quantity needed for ecosystem health and services.

The Challenges:

The water issues are so important and have to be brought to the public at large and communicated in a way that people connect and the conference is able to create a long-lasting impact. The challenge was to reach maximum awareness with minimum investment.

The Solutions:

The team created social presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter by posting the content related to the conference topics, issues, keynote speakers, registration, sponsorship, and venue. Also created the hashtag (#GWSC2018) for the conference by which everyone can follow the updates on social channels. The team constantly monitored the social media analytics and closely worked on improving the results on weekly basis. The activity helped in improving the audience base on social channels.

We got a limited budget for running paid promotions on social channels. With lots of brainstorming, the team ran the ads keeping in mind the ROI. All efforts paid off and we crossed the audience base of 200 thousand. Running paid ads helped us in showcasing the conference to a large audience which was specifically selected keeping in mind the conference theme. The audience was selected on the basis of age, gender, language, demographics, location, interest, educational background, behavior, connection type, etc.

With the combined efforts of traditional and digital marketing, the team was able to get the registration of 320 delegates from 30 countries and 28 sponsors.

Reach – 209200

Impression – 230935

Engagement – 6124

Likes – 6647

Clicks – 3057

Expressed interest for registration – 582

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