Case Study: Record Attendance Achieved in 60 Days

Conference Name: International Conference on Microscope and XXXIX Annual Meeting of Electron Microscope Society of India.


Showcasing Microscopic Machines, Technology and their benefits.

Getting maximum Delegates to register for the Conference.

Managing and Executing the EMSI 2018 Conference

Overview: The International Conference on Microscope and XXXIX Annual Meeting of Electron Microscope Society of India has been organized by EMSI in collaboration with IOP, NISER, IIT-BB5R, IMMT, ILS and CGCRI. This conference has provided a platform for eminent scholars from around the globe to share their knowledge and perspectives on recent advances in the microscope in general and the Electron Microscope methods.

EMSI 2018 included a wide range of topics in microscopy (such as Electron, Optical, Scarring Probe, Ion and Z-ray Microscopy Methods) related to fundamental and applied aspects in the mass of Physical, Chemical and Life Sciences, Engineering and Medicine and advances in microscopy methods in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Challenges: What sounded like a tough challenge for us is that CIMGlobal was appointed to manage the conference only 2 months before the event and that the conference was taking place in city of Bhubaneshwar. Since CIMGlobal doesn’t have any roots in Bhubaneshwar, we have arranged everything to be delivered from other nearby cities. Our toughest challenge was to achieve the event goals on time and deliver the quality of services as per CIMGlobal standards.

We had only 60 days for Revenue generation and getting 500 delegates was a huge concern for us. The committee has provided us with resources and our major task was getting everything under one roof in a very short time.

Solution: CIMGlobal team has stayed in Bhubaneshwar for 60 days and worked very closely with the committee and their members. CIMGlobal has defined the guidelines and the conference standards which proved to be very helpful. CIMGlobal team took the lead in each zone and took it forward in each department. The CIMGlobal Finance and Accounts team played a vital role in executing this conference.

Achievements-: CIMGlobal has successfully generated the sponsorship for running the conference by signing more than 30 Sponsors and 40 Exhibitors showcasing their products. Also, the number of registered delegates has exceeded 600. It was the best attendance figures in the EMSI conference history and hence the same was announced by the committee chairperson Prof P.V Satyam.

Results in Numbers:

  • 600+ delegates from different countries
  • 200+ Speakers
  • 30+ Plenary Sessions
  • 40+ Exhibitors
  • 30+ Sponsors
  • 200+ Posters

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