Case Study: Discovering Indian Market

Society of Actuaries (SOA)

Mandate: Efficiently and effectively manage the logistical support to the SOA team during their visit to India.

The Challenges:
SOA has visited India for several times in the past and has had less than satisfactory experiences with logistics and meetings being canceled at the last minute. The client wanted us to help to coordinate logistics and help to solve “problems” in real-time if they occurred. The client wanted CIMGlobal to help arrange meetings with various organizations, institutions, etc.; to manage travel arrangements and to make sure the meetings occurred as scheduled.

The Solutions:
CIMGlobal provided professional support to the SOA team before and during their trip to India by designing the meeting plan and ensuring that meetings were attended in a timely manner. The presence of dedicated CIMGlobal staff ensured real-time support and that all questions were answered instantly.


  • CIMGlobal ensured that client has achieved 100% participation of meetings
  • SOA appreciated CIMGlobal’s commitment in executing their plan in a smooth way without any hassle.
  • The meetings provided an in-depth understanding of the Indian Actuaries Market and will be invaluable in developing the future strategy of SOA expansion in the Indian Market.

Client Feedback:
“Very much appreciated the excellent services and assistance we received. We felt assured with your firm on our side these past two weeks that everything would be well-navigated.”

Ann Henstrand
Senior Global Strategy Advisor