98 Million People in India May Have This Disease by 2030

Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in India: 98 million people in India may have type 2 diabetes by 2030. The amount of insulin needed to completely treat type 2 diabetes will rise by more than 20 percent worldwide over the next 12 years. Without major improvements in access, insulin will be beyond the reach of around half of the 79 million adults with type 2 diabetes who will need it in 2030, the findings are of concern for the African, Asian, and Oceania regions said researchers from Stanford University in the US.

Cleveland Clinic is one of the world’s largest and highly acknowledged center of excellence for providing diabetes care in the United States. Currently, Cleveland Clinic is listed as one of the top three diabetes centers in the world. CLEVELAND CLINIC ADVANCED CERTIFICATE COURSE IN DIABETES (CCACCD) is completing 10 years in 2019. CCACCD has been instrumental in disseminating the latest information and enhancing the clinical acumen of participants in the field of diabetes. CCACCD is attended by more than 1200 physicians, diabetes specialists and endocrinologists from across the country every year and this year, the delegate number is expected to reach 1500.

The 10th edition of “CLEVELAND CLINIC ADVANCED CERTIFICATE COURSE IN DIABETES (CCACCD 2019)”, to be held on 24-25 August 2019 at Pullman Centre, Pullman and Novotel Hotels, Aerocity, New Delhi. As every year, the course is being organized by Dr. Makkar’s Diabetes and Obesity Centre, New Delhi, in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, U.S.A.

Dr Makkar’s Diabetes and Obesity Centre has been actively involved in promoting education in the field of diabetes and obesity by regularly offering structured education programs for physicians and family practitioners for almost two decades. Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA, is one of the world’s largest and highly acknowledged center of excellence for providing diabetes care.

CCACCD 2019 is supported by the pharma industry. The program will focus on recent developments in the understanding of diabetes and their clinical implications in a highly interactive format. State of the art lectures, debates, updates from latest trials, real-life case study templates and workshops delivered by academic leaders in the field of diabetes will create ample opportunities to learn and discuss the application of current concepts of diabetes management to clinical practice. It will be a great platform as well for showcasing the portfolio and connecting with key opportunity leaders and physicians with a keen interest in diabetology.

All the participants will also get a certificate of participation from Cleveland Clinic, Ohio. CLEVELAND CLINIC ADVANCED COURSE IN DIABETES aims at enhancing knowledge and clinical skills of the participating physicians, thereby empowering them to deliver world-class diabetes care in clinical practice.

For more information about CCACCD 2019 conference kindly visit – http://ccaccd.com/2019/