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67th Annual National Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists

India with such a huge population has 883,812 physicians, while the number of physicians anaesthesia providers is only 16,500 this is according to the study. It is also found that five billion people worldwide do not have access to safe and affordable anaesthesia and surgical care. The number of specialists in the field of anaesthesia in most low-income and middle-income countries is below what is needed to provide a safe quality anaesthesia service. To discuss about the updated in the field of Anaesthesiology, the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists, take immense pleasure in welcoming you to the 67th Annual National Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists at Bengaluru from 25–29 November 2019 which is organized by ISA Bengaluru Metro Branch and hosted by ISA Karnataka State Branch.

The twin societies – Bengaluru city branch and the Karnataka state branch of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists were born and inaugurated on 19 November 1973. Since the formation with a handful of anaesthesiologists as members of the city branch in the early seventies, ISA Bengaluru branch has grown by leaps and bounds to the current strength of over 1150 members and is now a metro branch.

And ISA Karnataka State Branch has 18 branches with round the year activities, like scientific sessions and public awareness programs. Karnataka State Branch has won more than 100 awards till now including best state branch in India and is the second largest state branch with respect to ISA membership which is 3232.

The National Conference of ISA, ISACON-2019 will be held in Bengaluru after 25 Years, under the theme – “Anaesthesia, Technology and Beyond”. This conference will have the intellectually stimulating sessions, networking opportunities, and exposure to South Indian culture. This five-day long conference is key in allowing anaesthesiologists from all over the country and different parts of the world alongside with other allied specialty professionals to expand their expertise, leadership and friendship.

The committee of the conference includes the members from various fields like neuro, cardio, obstetrics, padiatric, trauma, regional anaesthesia, gastro, onco, organ transplant, and many more.

The highlights of the conference will be the award for the presentations that are going to be presented in the conference. The awards are categorized under four categories first, Dr KOP’s award. This award will be given for research work under various categories like cardiac anaesthesia, neuro anaesthesia, obstetric anaesthesia, pain, practitioner’s forum, clinical pharmacology, trauma, paediatric and neonatal anaesthesia including neonatal intensive care. It can include any form of Clinical, Experimental, Descriptive and Interventional or Cohort studies. Award will be given to the best scientific paper presented for the respective specialty chapter at the ISACON 2019 on 29 November 2019. There will be a total 8 awards, one for each subspecialty.

Second category of the awards is ISACON Jaipur award under the categories of ambulatory/ day care, acute/ perioperative pain and difficult airway. Third category award is Ish Narani best poster award which will be given to the 3 best posters presented during the conference and the last category awards is Rukmini Pandit award that is for the best fully written article among KOPS award finalists. Where, TN Jha & Chansoria travel grant award and ISA Ludhiana award for best paper and e poster among the best papers and e posters of state conferences.

The National Conference of ISA, ISACON-2019 has a wide range of opportunities available for sponsors and exhibitors to expand their visibility of brand and enhance the business among the delegates who will attend this conference. The expecting participation is 6000 delegates from countries like Europe, Australia, South East Asia and Middle East Asia and over 250 exhibitors in ISACON 2019 Bengaluru. It will provide a huge platform under one roof for each one of you to connect with grand gathering of the leading medical fraternity in the field of anaesthesiology.

67th Annual National Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists is managed by CIMGlobal.

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