19 Ideas for Non-dues Revenue Streams

Many membership-based organizations rely entirely on their member dues to generate revenue. But in reality, non-dues revenue streams can provide an even greater opportunity and our research shows that non-dues revenues now account for 61%. Diversification of revenue streams can make the difference between thriving and surviving.

By implementing just a few new approaches most associations are able to double their revenue through non-dues sources. Imagine what your nonprofit could do with double the revenue?
Better programs. Bigger promotions. More Staff.

The Top 5 Non-dues Revenue Streams

  1. Events (Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops, Lunch & Learns, Festivals, etc.)
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Education (Certification, Training Programs, Tele-Seminars, Lecture Programs, Webinars, etc.)
  4. Fundraising/Donations
  5. Grants

14 Ideas for Additional Revenue Streams

  1. Advertising (Banner Sales or Google Adsense)
  2. Creating new products and services
  3. Merchandise sales
  4. Subscription fee to access password-protected side of website
  5. Insurance sales
  6. Project management fees
  7. Sales of member directory
  8. Fees for conducting research/studies
  9. Subscriptions to industry statistics
  10. Job Boards
  11. Rental of office space
  12. Retail outlet
  13. Sale of industry-specific books
  14. Magazines and e-books

The easiest way to discover what non-dues revenue sources will work for your nonprofit is by doing what some of the most successful nonprofits do: ask their members. Your members will always be your best barometer. It’s your members after all that know best what they want.

And don’t forget, if you diversify your non-dues revenue streams, if one source suddenly takes a hit, the others will be there to make up for it.

For more information and how you can generate more non-due revenue, please contact Binu George at binu@cimglobal.net or by telephone: +91 9810720826.